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Service undertaking
1, the warranty period, where the choice of "Guangcheng (GC) cut off the activities," product users can enjoy one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance services. Our customers will annually quarterly visits to understand the customer's usage of the product and is responsible for maintenance activities segment, try adjusting and maintenance to ensure that the customer's normal use.
2, after the warranty expires, if found damaged parts, only charge the cost of spare parts and travel expenses to and from the workers, not the other charge labor costs.
3, maintenance, timely maintenance, product quality problems occur during use customers, both within and outside the warranty period or shelf life, our client after receiving faxes or calls will be made plans and arrangements for professional maintenance staff within one business day scene.
4, the company "has always been the pursuit of the largest customer satisfaction," the service concept, there is a professionally trained sales force and installation, production, construction team, established a highly efficient management and service system. Division I with excellent business philosophy, years of market experience, mature brand system, professional production management mechanism in the active partition industries continue to innovate and beyond, to provide specialized, diversified services. At the same time the Company in major cities nationwide to set up direct offices, will provide customers with faster, more time-saving service, so that all customers more confidence when using our products.

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