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Operable Wall GC65

Operable Wall GC65

Cut off activities Product Features:
1. The group is a series of arts activities partition wall body most fashionable products, it will be based on your needs, the flexible space separated, let your premises unlimited use efficiency.
2. The product is no need to ground the rail, just hanging on the rail with the ceiling, the ceiling suspension system by force, and decorative ceiling unchanged;
3. Each product is connected to each other after deduction pull, safe and secure, will not swing around;
4. noise effects, and reduce the maximum noise factor of up to 60db;
5. fire insulation performance, the product produced materials are used international standard fireproof materials;
6. according to wall finishes can freely mix and hobbies
7. The collection of flexible, push lightweight, one person can complete the operation in a short time off;
8. A wide range of applications, widely used in hotels, banquet halls, private rooms, conference rooms, offices and other places.

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